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"The ODFS Pace gave me confidence to move out of a wheelchair"

patient in British Columbia

"The ODFS has made a huge difference to my mobility"

patient in Ontario
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FAQs about dropped foot stimulators and the ODFS Pace

Are there any side effects from using a dropped foot stimulator?

Exactly how does the ODFS improve my walking?

How do I find out if the ODFS will work for me?

How much does it cost to acquire an ODFS?

Is the cost of the ODFS covered by my health insurance plan?

What benefits I can expect after being fitted with an ODFS?

What can I expect if I wish to be fitted with an ODFS?

What does the ODFS/electrical stimulation feel like?

Will an ODFS improve my muscle strength?


FAQs about using dropped foot stimulators in Multiple Sclerosis

As MS is so variable and affects people’s walking in different ways - how can I decide whether a dropped foot stimulator might help me?

I have MS, only walk on a limited basis and rely mostly on a scooter or wheelchair to get around. Should I consider FES to help my mobility?



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