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MS2V2 | Exercise Stimulator

The Microstim (MS2v2) is a general purpose neuromuscular stimulator designed specifically for use in neurological, orthopaedic and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. The device has 10 modes of operation providing combinations of parameters suitable for a range of treatments.

The MS2v2 is simple to set up for therapeutic exercise programs involving complimentary pairs of muscles such as flexors & extensors or bilateral (right & left side) muscle groups. The output stimulation intensity is ramped at the beginning and end of each cycle by pulse width modulation to produce a comfortable sensation.

More information on therapeutic application of the Microstim in the stroke arm

The device’s simplicity makes the unit ideal for home or clinic use where goals of therapy may include:

  • Strengthening of weak or paretic muscles
  • Improving joint range of motion following orthopaedic surgery or soft tissue injury
  • Reduction of muscle atrophy/ increase in muscle bulk following joint injury or related condition
  • Re-education of movement following stroke
  • Reducation of shoulder subluxation and associated pain following stroke
  • Upper limb exercise & range of motion in the hemiplegic arm
  • Retraining of muscles after tendon transfers
  • Preparation for walking with the ODFS or the O2CHS

The Microstim (MS2v2) can be prescribed for patient self-administered exercise programs at home, for instance, in chronic neurological conditions such as stroke where regular FES assisted exercise may provide long term benefit.