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Having Difficulty Walking?


Yes, even people who rely on wheeled mobility can benefit from the exercise and increased activity level that a dropped foot stimulator can provide.

A recently published research paper* has highlighted the value of physical activity and exercise as a means of maintaining function and promoting positive health benefits in MS. The authors, in summarizing various studies, report “the consensus from research conducted to date supports the idea that there are many benefits associated with regular physical activity or exercise training in MS. In individuals with MS the fitness benefits of exercise, such as improved cardiovascular function and increased muscular strength, are comparable to those seen in individuals without MS”.

* Vollmer TL, Benedict R, Bennet S, Motl RW, White AT, Bombardier CH, Hebert JR. Exercise as Prescriptive Therapy in Multiple Sclerosis: A Consensus Conference White Paper. International Journal of MScare; Vol 14, Supplement 3, June 2012.

It is also recognized that finding the right activity and adhering to an exercise program can be a challenge in MS just as it is for the general population!

A dropped foot stimulator can play an important part in overcoming the difficulties associated with physical inactivity in MS. Simply by making it easier, a stimulator can facilitate walking and enable cardiovascular exercise.  Even people with more advanced MS who rely on wheeled mobility can avail of the technology and use a dropped foot stimulator for exercise walking, gaining physiological and psychological benefit.  It allows enjoyment of an everyday activity that might otherwise be difficult or impossible.

In summary, a dropped foot stimulator allows a “take charge” approach to exercise, mobility and an activity program best suited to the individual’s needs.