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FES Mobility Ltd., founded in 2008 by Maura Whittaker B.Sc., PT, MBA, is the Canadian distributor for Odstock Medical Ltd., products and is licensed by Health Canada.

Mission Statement

To make Odstock technology available to patients with motor impairment where these devices offer potential for improved walking, mobility and quality of life; to provide clinical training in FES, fostering knowledge and expertise in the specialty so that clinicians treating individuals disabled by stroke, MS and other neurological conditions have the required knowledge and training to fit the technology.

Brief Biography

Maura Whittaker received a Diploma in Physiotherapy from University College Dublin and a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from the University of British Columbia.

Has 34 years experience in acute and long term rehabilitation including 28 years as a physiotherapist on the spinal cord injury program at GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre.

Was involved in a number of clinical studies with researchers at the University of Alberta, University of British Columbia & University of Toronto investigating the effects of FES on dropped foot in neurological gait disorders and the effects of FES on motor function in the hemiplegic arm.

Co-authored a number of publications in peer-reviewed journals on FES in neurologic gait conditions.

Used FES extensively in regular clinical practice and has presented nationally & internationally on the use of this intervention in rehabilitation.

Is a member of the International FES Society (www.ifess.org) and a founding member of FESAiR (FES: Applications in Rehabilitation), an affiliation of clinicians, engineers, and researchers, providing education in and promoting the use of FES in physiotherapy.

Patient Consultation and Treatment

In addition to offering Odstock technology in Canada, Maura specializes in individual patient consultation and treatment. This includes assessment, fitting and training with the Odstock Pace Dropped Foot Stimulator as well as FES treatments directed towards orthopaedic and neurological conditions where gait re-education, muscle strengthening, range of motion and reduction in spasticity can lead to improved mobility. Patients are guaranteed a customized treatment program that addresses individual goals, using state of the art FES technology.

Patients may also avail of a home treatment program where a customized FES exercise program is prescribed using an exercise stimulator that is simple and easy to apply. A home FES program offers an affordable, effective and convenient alternative to weekly clinic visits.

A doctor’s referral is not required. Please call 604-922-2738 or e-mail: maurawhittaker@gmail.com for more information or to arrange an appointment.