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Clinical Applications: Odstock Technology in Rehabilitation for Improved Patient Outcomes

Odstock stimulators offer a high quality, versatile, user friendly technology to clinicians – technology that can be easily applied in the hospital/rehabilitation setting, private clinic, orthotic facility or community/home setting.

Easily accessed features in the ODFS Pace include current ramping, pulse duration adjustment, fixed or adaptive timing, extension of stimulation to improve ankle stability on weight bearing, heel rise or heel strike triggering of stimulation and a delay feature, useful in slower gait situations.

During the early phase of Stroke Rehabilitation, the Pace can be used in gait re-education to facilitate walking and to reduce compensatory gait patterns in the presence of dropped foot and a paretic lower limb. Gait training is possible that addresses the swing and stance phase abnormalities common in the neurological patient.

As well as offering default settings for dropped foot, gait interventions, the ODFS Pace can also be utilized for the following gait re-training approaches in both neurological, musculoskeletal and orthopaedic applications, as for example:

  • weight transfer in standing – training the patient to weight bear on the affected limb
  • hip extension in stance – activation of the gluteal muscles triggered by the foot switch during walking
  • knee extension in stance – activation of the quadriceps during walking, triggered by the foot switch
  • knee flexion during swing phase of walking through activation of the hamstrings
  • push off at the ankle through stimulation of the calf muscles with a foot switch placed under the 1st metatarsal
  • improved arm posture during walking w/ triceps stimulation triggered by the foot switch

The ODFS Pace features an in built sounder that can be enabled to provide auditory
conformation of optimum responses and auditory feedback to the patient as he/she walks.

  • As a foot drop stimulator the ODFS Pace is applicable for restoration of a more normal gait pattern following stroke, in MS and other upper motor neuron lesions where gait abnormalities need to be addressed
  • The ODFS promotes independent gait; increases walking speed and range of walking and reduces walking effort
  • In the clinic, the ODFS Pace can be set up in minutes so that patients can practice walking immediately and gait retraining can begin…
  • At home, patients can use the ODFS Pace for daily walking, increasing their mobility, independence and quality of life…
  • Training the patient to become independent in use of the ODFS empowers individual patient responsibility for walking and mobility…

The ODFS® Pace incorporates a number of innovative features making gait training simple, effective and rewarding for both clinician and patient. It offers tremendous clinical utility and treatment outcomes that can be observed and documented. These features include:

  • An activity logger for quick monitoring of walking & exercise that can be read directly from the digital display
  • Exercise function, with timer, provides cyclic stimulation for muscle conditioning prior to walking to strengthen muscle, reduce spasticity, increase ankle ROM, accustom users to stimulation or reduce oedema
  • Advanced gait re-education programs allow stimulation of any lower limb muscle, triggered by the foot switch during the gait cycle, providing a novel and effective treatment approach
  • Activation of stimulation can be triggered by heel rise or heel strike, providing versatility and customization of application
  • A delay can be set so that stimulation commences at the appropriate time for slower walkers
  • Pre-programmed defaults provide simplicity in set up, allowing rapid configuration of stimulation parameters
  • Fine tuning of gait parameters is easily achieved using intuitive controls and can be accomplished while the patient is walking
  • A readily available 9 volt battery powers the unit

For more complex gait applications – the O2CHS – a 2 channel dropped foot stimulator provides 2 channels of stimulation for bilateral dropped foot or stimulation of a 2nd muscle or muscle group. Click here for details

To fit Odstock stimulators on patients, clinicians must be trained by an Odstock certified clinician. Training is provided on an individual or group basis. For information on training, please contact
maurawhittaker@gmail.com or phone 604-922-2738

To download a summary with pictures and references on the ODFS Pace, please click here

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