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O2CHS | Dropped Foot Stimulator

The O2CHS is a 2 channel stimulator used to address  more complex conditions such as dropped foot with associated weakness of the hip or knee  or for bilateral foot drop where stimulation of both lower limbs is required.

The O2CHS may also be utilized to reduce synergistic flexor posturing of the arm in hemiplegia with the goal of improving arm posture & lessening the effect of upper limb spasticity. Upper limb stimulation can be combined with stimulation for dropped foot.

The O2CHS features two channels of stimulation that can be controlled by one foot switch providing great versatility and ease of set up in a variety of more complex gait presentations. The most common use for the O2CHSII is for correction of bilateral dropped foot.

Read a case report on use of the O2CHS in Multiple Sclerosis

An audit of 18 people with MS in the UK showed that walking speed increased by an average of 48% with the device after 18 weeks of use.

A second audit of stroke and MS patients, using gluteal muscle stimulation with common peroneal nerve (CPN) stimulation, demonstrated further increases in walking speed when the hip extensors were added.

Gains in walking speed were also demonstrated when knee flexors or plantarflexors (calf muscles) were added to CPN stimulation.

The O2CHSII can be used as an orthotic aid replacing conventional splinting such as an ankle foot orthosis (AFO) and also as a training device with particular application to gait re-education in more complex neurological gait impairment.