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Odstock Medical Technology includes:

  • The ODFS Pace (wired footswitch)
  • The ODFS Pace XL (wired & wireless footswitches)
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  • The Odstock 2 Channel Dropped Foot Stimulator (O2CHS)
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  • The Odstock Microstim 2 Channel Exercise Stimulator (MS2V2)
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  • The Odstock 4 Channel Exercise Stimulator (O4CHS)
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The ODFS Pace & Pace XL are single channel dropped foot stimulators designed for the correction of dropped foot and to make walking easier when there is limb spasticity and weakness (as in stroke, MS, traumatic brain injury, incomplete spinal cord injury, hereditary spastic paraparesis).

  • The ODFS Pace is triggered with a wired, pressure sensitive footswitch.
  • The ODFS Pace XL is triggered with either a wired or wireless footswitch.

Both Paces feature an easily programmable exercise mode and a logging function to keep track of device use. Although principally used to address dropped foot in neurologic gait, the Pace and Pace XL can be used to stimulate any upper or lower limb muscle during standing or walking.

The ODFS Pace on user with left hemiplegia:

DFS pace can be set up in minutes, requiring 3 simple steps to:

1) Locate the electrodes
• Skin surface electrodes are placed over the nerve at the head of the fibula, or in the popliteal fossa.
• Simple electrode configurations allow quick, precise and comfortable fine tuning of stimulation effect.

3) Walk and tune
• User adjustment is minimal, requiring only simple adjustment of the stimulus strength via a control knob.
• Stimulation can be paused at any time by simply pushing the “pause” button.

2) Setup the stimulator
• Users can choose to wear the Pace on the leg, at the waist or in the pocket.
• Donning the ODFS takes less that 5 minutes. With practice, it becomes a simple addition to a daily routine.

The ODFS Pace can be worn at the waist…

or on the leg… depending on user’s preference:

For information on the Odstock 2 Channel Dropped Foot Stimulator (O2CHS), please click here
For information on the Microstim 2 Channel Exercise Stimulator (MS2V2), please click here

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