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Having Difficulty Walking?


Odstock dropped foot stimulators can be used:  

  • for early gait retraining & re-education in the hospital or rehabilitation setting
  • to progress gait training during out-patient rehabilitation  
  • by the patient at home to maximize walking ability, independence & safety

Easily accessed features in the ODFS Pace & ODFS Pace XL include

  • current ramping for comfort 
  • pulse duration adjustment to balance current output
  • fixed or adaptive timing of stimulation triggering
  • extension of stimulation for limb stability on weight bearing,
  • heel rise or heel strike triggering of stimulation
  • a stimulation delay for early gait retraining and for use by slower walkers.                                                  

The Pace can be used for gait re-education to facilitate  walking and to reduce compensatory gait patterns.

Common therapeutic goals can be addressed through stimulation of various muscles during walking:

  • weight transfer in standing – training the patient to weight bear on the affected limb
  • hip extension in stance – activation of the gluteal muscles triggered by the foot switch during walking
  • knee extension in stance – activation of the quadriceps during walking, triggered by the foot switch
  • knee flexion during swing phase of walking through activation of the hamstrings
  • push off at the ankle through calf  stimulation

The ODFS Pace incorporates innovative features making gait training effective and rewarding for clinician and patient. Treatment outcomes are facilitated that can be observed and documented. Features include:

  • An activity logger for monitoring walking & exercise activity easily acessed on the digital display
  • An Exercise function, with timer, provides cyclic stimulation for muscle conditioning prior to walking to strengthen muscle, reduce spasticity, increase ankle ROM, accustom users to stimulation or reduce edema
  • Advanced gait re-education programs allow stimulation of any lower limb muscle, triggered by the foot switch during the gait cycle, providing a novel and effective treatment approach to muscle activation.
  • Activation of stimulation triggered by heel rise or heel strike, providing versatility and customization of application
  • A stimulation delay can be set so that stimulation commences at the appropriate time for slower walkers
  • Pre-programmed defaults provide simplicity in setting gait parameters
  • Fine tuning of gait parameters can be accomplished while the patient is walking
  • A readily available 9 volt battery powers the unit

Maura Whittaker BSc PT provides training to clinicians on Odstock Technology 

 For information on training, please contact Maura:
maurawhittaker@gmail.com or phone 604-922-2738
To download a summary with pictures and references on the ODFS Pace, please click here