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Having Difficulty Walking?


The Odstock Dropped Foot Stimulator can be used:  

  • for early gait retraining & re-education in the hospital or rehabilitation setting
  • to progress gait training during out-patient rehabilitation  
  • by the patient at home to maximize walking ability, independence & safety

Easily accessed features in the ODFS Pace & ODFS Pace XL include

  • current ramping for comfort 
  • pulse duration adjustment to balance current output
  • extension of stimulation for limb stability on weight bearing.
  • heel rise or heel strike triggering of stimulation
  • a stimulation delay for early gait retraining and for use by slower walkers.  
  • A logging function to monitor device use.                                               

The Pace can be used for gait re-education to facilitate  walking and to reduce compensatory gait patterns.

Common therapeutic goals can be addressed through stimulation of various muscles during walking:

  • weight transfer in standing – training the patient to weight bear on the affected limb
  • hip extension in stance – activation of the gluteal muscles triggered by the foot switch during walking
  • knee extension in stance – activation of the quadriceps during walking, triggered by the foot switch
  • knee flexion during swing phase of walking through activation of the hamstrings

The ODFS Pace & Pace XL include features to make gait training effective for the clinician and rewarding for the patient with treatment outcomes that can be observed and documented. Features include:

  • An activity logger for monitoring walking & exercise activity.
  • An Exercise function, with timer, provides cyclic stimulation for muscle conditioning prior to walking to strengthen muscle, reduce spasticity, increase ankle ROM, accustom users to stimulation or reduce edema
  • Advanced gait re-education programs allow stimulation of any lower limb muscle, triggered by the foot switch during the gait cycle.
  • Stimulation can be activated during walking with heel rise (unweighting) or heel strike (placing weight) with the affected or nonaffected limb.
  • A stimulation delay can be set so that stimulation commences at the appropriate time for slower walkers
  • Pre-programmed defaults offer simplicity and speed in setting gait parameters
  • Gait parameters can be adjusted while the patient is walking
  • A readily available 9 volt battery powers the unit

Maura Whittaker BSc PT provides training to clinicians on Odstock Technology 

 For information on training, please contact Maura:
maurawhittaker@gmail.com or phone 604-922-2738
To download a summary with pictures and references on the ODFS Pace, please click here