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Having Difficulty Walking?


Odstock Medical Technology includes:

  • The ODFS Pace with  a wired footswitch
  • The ODFS Pace XL with a wired & wireless footswitch
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The ODFS Pace & Pace XL are single channel dropped foot stimulators designed to make walking easier after stroke, brain or incomplete spinal injury or onset of MS that affects walking ability.

Walking is made easier as stimulation of the nerve in the leg lifts the foot during the “swing” phase of gait. Stimulation also improves ankle stability during walking through stimulation of the ankle muscles as weight is taken on the foot.

Dropped foot stimulation also helps to overcome limb spasticity (muscle tightness) that makes moving the leg during walking difficult.

Stair climbing is also assisted as stimulation prevents the foot catching on the step, helping to lift & clear it over the stair riser.

Using a dropped foot stimulator both increases speed of walking while simultaneously reducing the effort of walking

  • The ODFS Pace is triggered with a wired, pressure sensitive footswitch.
  • The ODFS Pace XL is triggered with either a wired or wireless footswitch.

Both Paces feature an easily programmable exercise mode and a logging function to keep track of device use.

Although principally used to address dropped foot in neurologic gait, the Pace and Pace XL can be used to stimulate any upper or lower limb muscle during standing or walking.

The ODFS Pace on user with left hemiplegia:



The ODFS Pace can be set up in minutes, requiring 3 simple steps:

1) Locate the electrodes –place the electrodes over the nerve, just below or behind the lateral border (outside) of the knee

2) Connect the wire to the electrode and plug the wire into the stimulator.

3) Depress the knob to activate the stimulation mode

The stimulation can be paused anytime when standing or sitting by pushing the Pause button.

Wearing the ODFS Pace
• The Pace can be worn on the leg, at the waist or in a pants pocket.
• Donning takes < 5 minutes. With practice, it becomes a simple addition to a daily routine.

The ODFS Pace can be worn at the waist…

or on the leg… depending on user preference: