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December 2018

StimBits: Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) in rehabilitation

Early FES/NMES intervention in rehabilitation can be valuable for patients with musculoskeletal, neurological or orthopaedic disorders. As clinical treatment goals are identified FES/NMES should be considered for: Maximizing motor recruitment – obtaining a muscle contraction from a weak, neurologically deprived or de-conditioned muscle where NMES can provide repetitive muscle activation necessary for addressing muscle atrophy and building […]

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StimBits: FES in Stroke

Stroke Gait

FES in Stroke A standard intervention for addressing foot drop (the inability to lift the foot during walking) has been the use of an ankle foot orthosis (AFO). An AFO  holds the ankle in a fixed position to help clear the foot over ground, preventing it from dropping and catching on the ground during walking. […]

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StimBits: FES in MS

FES in MS: Long term FES studies are valuable as they provide evidence to assist  with decision making and patient management on use of FES. A study, recently published in the Journal of MS Care, is summarized below. It concludes that even with deterioration from MS progression, affecting walking, FES continues to be of value […]

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