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Having Difficulty Walking?


May 2019

Combining Foot Drop Stimulation with an Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) for Walking

A common assumption may be that fitting an ankle foot orthosis (AFO) is sufficient to address walking difficulty after neurologic impairment such as stroke, MS,  traumatic brain or spinal cord injury. However, patients fitted with an AFO to assist walking can, in many cases, benefit from a foot drop stimulator as this intervention can be […]

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FES to assist walking with MS

In some individuals, MS may result in weakness of the lower limb (leg) muscles and difficulty with walking, Decreased walking endurance may also limit ability to walk  even short distances out of doors or in the home. Through its effect in augmenting the force of a muscle contraction and eliciting movement lost due to MS, […]

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The Bilateral Effect of FES on Hemiplegic Gait

Slow, inefficient gait with abnormal gait parameters are common findings when assessing walking post stroke. While loss of affected limb foot strike angle is a common finding we may additionally see compensatory change where foot strike angle in the non affected limb is similarly abnormal. Example 2 graph (grey area= normal range)  illustrates the bilateral […]

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