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January 2019

“FES on the Fly” Part 1

What is “FES on the Fly”? Essentially an application of therapeutic NMES or FES as a precursor to an activity, such as walking. For example, neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) can be used to: facilitate a muscle contraction provide joint range of motion (ROM) strengthen muscle & reduce muscle atrophy provide proprioceptive input The accompanying picture shows […]

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NMES Electrode Placement

Accurate placement of electrodes for therapeutic neuromuscular electrical stimulation in the upper limb is important to ensure an appropriate, comfortable muscle response. In the upper extremity, (e.g stimulation of wrist extension), where muscles are small, overlap and have indistinct borders- eliciting the desired motor response may require careful motor point probing. Use of  a carbon […]

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