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July 2019

Modulation of Ankle Inversion with Dropped Foot Stimulation

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In post stroke gait –  loss of  ankle eversion can be a significant impediment to independent, safe gait as placement of the foot in a plantagrade position for weight bearing is lost. Loss of eversion may be seen in patients where tibialis anterior (ankle dorsiflexion) function is preserved and hip/knee function are within normal limits. […]

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Hemiplegic Gait Improvement with Dropped Foot Stimulation

A 1999 study on stroke gait by Taylor et al., reported a mean 20 % gait speed increase in hemiplegic patients with use of the Odstock Dropped Foot Stimulator (ODFS). This finding has been supported in additional stroke gait studies comparing gait with and without FES intervention. Gait speed data obtained using APDM Mobility Lab […]

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