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February 2019

Long term use of dropped foot stimulation in Stroke & MS

  Background: In Great Britain, patients may be funded for Odstock dropped foot stimulators under the UK National Health System. Under this model, patients fitted with Odstock technology undergo re-assessment of their walking at 6 and 12 month intervals. This has enabled collection and analysis of walking data over a 10 year period of dropped […]

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Use of FES in Gait Retraining after Stroke

Blog 7 video The accompanying video to this post shows the initial, immediate gait change possible with application of an Odstock Pace dropped foot stimulator. Gait parameters – heel contact, stance phase & stride length on the affected left limb are improved with activation of paretic ankle dorsiflexors. Early intervention with dropped foot stimulation can significantly […]

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FES in MS 2

  FES is indicated in MS patients who present with progressive difficulty in their ability to walk. When considering FES intervention for gait improvement the patient assessment should include careful evaluation of all lower limb musculature and, particularly, the hip flexors and ankle dorsiflexors. As dropped foot stimulation (DFS) primarily addresses difficulty with swing phase […]

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