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Use of FES in Gait Retraining after Stroke

February 07, 2019

Blog 7 video The accompanying video to this post shows the initial, immediate gait change possible with application of an Odstock Pace dropped foot stimulator. Gait parameters – heel contact, stance phase & stride length on the affected left limb are improved with activation of paretic ankle dorsiflexors.

Early intervention with dropped foot stimulation can significantly assist with gait retraining after stroke where affected gait parameters & compensatory gait habits can be addressed.  A more functional gait speed and reduction in energy consumption during walking are additional primary goals for intervention with dropped foot stimulation.

Application of stimulation to the common peroneal nerve to activate muscle with the goal of improving gait parameters can be a valuable intervention in stroke gait rehabilitation. Stimulation can be continued for the short or long term to ensure optimum, safe walking post stroke.

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