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FES to assist walking with MS

May 19, 2019

In some individuals, MS may result in weakness of the lower limb (leg) muscles and difficulty with walking, Decreased walking endurance may also limit ability to walk  even short distances out of doors or in the home.

Through its effect in augmenting the force of a muscle contraction and eliciting movement lost due to MS, electrical stimulation can be of significant assistance and should be considered if daily walking or walking endurance becomes problematic.

Published data on electrical stimulation use in MS includes: – increased walking speed, reduction in falls, improved walking endurance (ability to walk further with less effort), less reliance on wheeled mobility and improved perceived quality of life.

Prescription of FES for walking after onset of MS is based on the individual patient evaluation including muscle strength assessment & observation of walking. Where indicated it can and should be considered a key intervention to assist, prolong & improve walking.

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