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2 Channel Neuromuscular Stimulation for Shoulder Subluxation Reduction post Stroke

June 21, 2019


2 channel  neuromuscular stimulation can be an effective intervention to reduce shoulder subluxation post stroke.

Stimulation Delivery & Electrode Placement:

Using the overlapping mode of the Odstock Microstim 2 channel exercise stimulator one set of electrodes is placed over the anterior & posterior deltoid muscle and a second electrode set  positioned over the middle deltoid & supraspinatus muscle.

The overlapping stimulation mode provides continuous stimulation without fatigue to the stimulated muscle where, as channel 2 stimulation ramps up, channel 1 stimulation ramps down holding the humeral head in the glenoid cavity without fatigue to the stimulated muscles.

   Shoulder subluxation, no stimulation                    Subluxation reduction with stimulation

  • For an effective outcome,  6 – 8 weeks of treatment may be required with stimulation applied x 2/day for up to 45 minutes/session 
  • Asymmetrical waveform is used with current intensity to patient tolerance – channel 1 active electrode over the anterior deltoid & channel 2 active electrode over the middle portion of the deltoid.






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