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Long term use of dropped foot stimulation in Stroke & MS

February 17, 2019

  Background: In Great Britain, patients may be funded for Odstock dropped foot stimulators under the UK National Health System. Under this model, patients fitted with Odstock technology undergo …

Use of FES in Gait Retraining after Stroke

February 07, 2019

Blog 7 video The accompanying video to this post shows the initial, immediate gait change possible with application of an Odstock Pace dropped foot stimulator. Gait parameters – heel contact, s…

FES in MS 2

February 01, 2019

  FES is indicated in MS patients who present with progressive difficulty in their ability to walk. When considering FES intervention for gait improvement the patient assessment should include ca…

“FES on the Fly” Part 1

January 19, 2019

What is “FES on the Fly”? Essentially an application of therapeutic NMES or FES as a precursor to an activity, such as walking. For example, neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) can…

NMES Electrode Placement

January 09, 2019

Accurate placement of electrodes for therapeutic neuromuscular electrical stimulation in the upper limb is important to ensure an appropriate, comfortable muscle response. In the upper extremity, (e.g…

StimBits: Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) in rehabilitation

December 30, 2018

Early FES/NMES intervention in rehabilitation can be valuable for patients with musculoskeletal, neurological or orthopaedic disorders. As clinical treatment goals are identified FES/NMES should be c…

Stroke Gait

StimBits: FES in Stroke

December 27, 2018

FES in Stroke A standard intervention for addressing foot drop (the inability to lift the foot during walking) has been the use of an ankle foot orthosis (AFO). An AFO  holds the ankle in a fixed pos…

StimBits: FES in MS

December 04, 2018

FES in MS: Long term FES studies are valuable as they provide evidence to assist  with decision making and patient management on use of FES. A study, recently published in the Journal of MS Care, is …